Inspection Software

Novarum Sky developed the innovative software EtherCopter for inspection services and professional aerial photography with UAVs. 



Each type of service in surveying requires specific accuracy. The greater the accuracy and precision the greater the equipment requirements and the skill of the professionals. With Topography Software allows the UAV to do any Topography service with precision and accuracy below 1 cm in small or large areas, replacing with advantage the traditional topography methodologies.


Agribusiness Software enables the UAV to inspect large rural areas through high resolution photography and statistical techniques for application of Ecologically Based Pest Management (EBPM). It replaces manual collection of soil and plant information in a much cheaper and faster way.

Virtual USB

This special technology is now available on UAVs, allowing any device with USB port to communicate transparently and fully with computers on the ground or via internet to other computers. This increases quality and efficiency in aerial inspection.