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EtherCopter UAV System

The EtherCopter UAV System was developed by a multidisciplinary team of engineers and Brazilians programmers , Germans and Lithuanians specialized in telecommunications, IT, programming and robotics, based on Multirotors with UAV flight easy operation, designed specifically for meticulous jobs in industrial inspection and cartographical survey. Equipped with flight controllers, navigation, video, engines and data transmission system with dedicated CPU, the EtherCopter UAV can generate automated images and videos with agility, accuracy and safety.
Special features of EtherCopter UAV System = higher flight time (> 30 min) + optical zoom control + HD video câmera and real-time IP streaming  + enginea nd electronic redundancy  ** + 2 certificated and independent wireless links for control and telemetry + encryption + resistance to rain and strong winds up to 45Km/h + application for automated flight in 3D map + more agile operation + inspection report ready by the end of the flight + warranty up to 36 months *** = state-of-the-art on efficiency and effectiveness UAV System multirotor.
* Platforms EC 08 HD or EC 08 HD Pro
** Electronic Platform Redundancy in EC 08 HD Pro
*** Standard is 12 months warranty against manufacturing defect in UAV EtherCopter optional hiring 12 or 24 months extended.


Professional activities require high level job security, the EtherCopter UAV multirotors allow safe landing in case of engine failure, in addition to UAV EC 08 HD Pro contains two independent and identical flight controllers (ensuring flight even if one is faulty) as well as two independent remote control systems with different frequency bands. Also the EtherCopter UAV are resistant to winds of up to 45Km / h and rain, allowing safe landing in case of bad weather.


With the use of multirotors the trend of cartographic survey tend to be dynamic and flexible through aerophotogrammetry. With EtherCopter platform data are produced for orthophotos, 3D models and point clouds for high density with high precision, with exact record of the camera’s position at the time of image capture. The dedicated and unique 3D map flight planning software generates all the parameters required for professional work of automated photogrammetry with input only from the survey area, percentage of overlapping images and the desired level of precision (GSD), resulting in simplified work efficiently and at the lowest cost.


The EtherCopter platform, innovates with the solution of the exclusive remote control of the camera optical zoom by the remote control of the UAV or a separate remote control, enabling secure industrial inspection and accurate, stabilized universal support that allows the installation of cameras, the various sizes and weights to meet filming and photography services. Also the UAV sends the video control station with HD quality in real time encr
ypted and low latency in streaming TCP / IP format, expanding the possibilities for treatment and retransmission of real-time video over the local network or Internet.


The UAVs EtherCopter are also characterized by high level of efficiency, allowing fly longer carrying professional cameras for effective use in applications such as aerophotogrammetry, Film and TV, Inspection and Monitoring, Environment, Mining, among others. Examples of configuration:
  • Average flight time of 40 min: UAV EtherCopter EC 08 HD or EC 08 HD Pro using LiPo battery 22.000mAh / 6S with extra charge 100g / 3,53oz (camera) and average speed in the horizontal of 22Km/h / 13,68 Mil/h.
  • Average flight time of 30 min: UAV EtherCopter EC 08 HD or EC 08 HD Pro using LiPo battery 22.000mAh / 6S with extra load 1Kg / 2,20 lb (camera) and average speed in the horizontal of 22Km/h / 13,68 Mil/h.
  • Average time of 25 min flight: UAV Ethercopter EC 06 HD using LiPo battery 10.000mAh / 6S with extra load 600g (camera) and average speed in horizontal 22Km/h / 13.68 Mil/h.
Usually, in practice UAVs multirotor with similar settings, perform an average time of flight  between only 12 and 17 min.


The greater operational agility field is guaranteed by the following features:
  • Pre and Post flight. UAVs EtherCopter can be transported assembled, ready to fly in a midsize car, with space available in the trunk of approaches (1.0 x 1.0 x 0.70) m, so it is dispensable folding frame that requires mount / disassemble the UAV in each shift to mission.
  • Planning. Up to 99 missions with 100 waypoints on each flight can be stored in UAVs EtherCopter in the office, selected and implemented quickly in the field through menu available in the Graupner MC-20 transmitter, eliminating the need to run application in Notebook or Tablet.
  • Execution. The aerial surveys are planned and automated with accuracy of 1.5 m relative to the 3D georeferenced map, avoiding driving mistakes consuming time where the pilot commits the takeoff activities, the flight mission execution, pause the flight at the sites planned so the camera operator to perform inspection with details on the best angles, and finally land the UAV EtherCopter. If necessary, the driver can stop at any time the mission to take manually.


The EtherCopter UAV System assists in various tasks such as:
Automated Inspection constructions such as buildings, lines and power transmission towers
Safe monitoring in the area of Public Security
Cartographical survey of difficult areas such as quarries , mines, landfills and coal piles.
Point Cloud generation
Volume Calculation
Creating plant leasing and inventory
Topographic imaging
Creating planning principles
Construction progress documentation
Survey of city centers
Aerial photographs

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